Breast Cancer Outrigger Event

A World Championship Aloha Experience

At the 2022 World Sprints, for the first time ever at a World Championship, a Breast Cancer* outrigger event will occur in 12-person crews (V12s).

Great Britain Outrigger is pleased to announce that a Breast Cancer Outrigger Exhibition Event will be held during the 2022 International Va’a Federation World Championships on Saturday August 13 and Sunday August 14 at the 2012 Olympic venue, Dorney Lake in Windsor, UK.

The intention is to introduce Breast Cancer paddlers from dragon boat or other paddling disciplines to the world of Va’a, entering as part of an organised team or as individual participants.


The event also welcomes experienced outrigger paddlers who have or have had breast cancer.


Paddlers will race in crews made up of 12 people (V12s).


Those breast cancer paddlers not already involved in teams can sign up as individuals and will be placed in a team.


The event is open to breast cancer paddlers, or teams, from around the world.

Paddlers can be linked with a nearby outrigger club, so they have an opportunity to try out an outrigger before the event, but no prior outrigger experience is necessary. This participatory event is focused on allowing the maximum number of participants to experience outrigger at a World Championship.  


Each team will be provided with a steersperson, on race day, or can provide their own.


Anyone interested should get in contact with asap.


*All participants (excluding the steersperson) should have, or have had, breast cancer.


Entries close June 30.


Entry fee is a £100 per paddler donation, with the donation going entirely to the event charity.

(If you are also racing in the Elite or Club World Championships, please note this entry fee is in addition to any other race fees you might be paying.)


Entry fee for any (non-paddling) supporters will be announced in mid-June.