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As part of the World Sprint Championships, Great Britain Outrigger is hosting two exciting Exhibition Events that you can participate in!


The events not only raise money for our charitable foundation, but are world firsts in and of themselves.

The Worlds Summer Challenge: Mixed 12s:

The Ultimate Team Summer Experience!

This is a not-to-be missed chance to race at a World Championship!

Never before have women and men raced together in a twelve-person crew at the World Sprints. On Saturday August 13, crews from around the world will head to the 2012 Olympic Race Course to compete and see who will reign supreme to take home the Worlds 2022 Challenge title. Interested in finding our more? Email

Breast Cancer Outrigger V12

The 2022 World Sprints also features another World First! For the first time ever, Breast Cancer outrigger racing will occur in 12-person crews.

Outrigger is an important sport to improve the health and wellbeing of anyone who has an experience of cancer, especially breast cancer, through physical activity.

The aim of the event is to offer friendly racing in a supportive environment. We are particularly keen to offer Breast Cancer dragon boat paddlers/ teams from around the world the opportunity to compete in outrigger at the 2022 World Sprint Championships.

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