We are very excited to be hosting the first World Sprint Championships held in Europe! To find out when the events are taking place visit the schedule page.

World Elite Sprint Championship

A World Elite championship is where countries/regions are represented by their elite competitors. The events to be contested are V6 500, V6 1000 or 1500 (turns), and V12 500 in a select group of divisions. Junior (19) ,Open and Para Va’a for both men and women will be the divisions.


World Club Sprint Championship

A World Club Championship – Club teams from a country will compete against other club teams for the title of “Club Champion”. Competitors participating in the Elite competition will be allowed to join their club crew but are limited to 3 elite competitors per V6 entry or 6 elite competitors per V12 entry. V1 competitors will not be considered in the quota for club teams.

The 2022 International Va'a Federation Va'a World Sprint Championships is comprised of two events in one

Para Va'a

Some of the most exciting races at the World Championships are the Para Va'a races. Para Va'a paddlers race in both the Elite and the Club Sprints.